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Our Creativity

Hello Dancers and Movement Enthusiasts,

Can you believe that we have been working and playing together through the online format for nearly 9 months now!   Isn’t it interesting that we have created a “norm” in a time that is so abnormal?  This is what a creative community does.  When adversity rapped on the door, we merely answered it, moved the furniture around, and found a new way to keep doing what we love.

On this Monday morning, I write with such gratitude for our community, for innovation and technology, for the masters of movement from the past (whom we learn from in all ways), and for the basic human trait of wanting to live, move, and be, no matter what.  It is in this last factor of my list that I find our sense of creativity to be the most relevant. Without knowing how to think out of the box, to think creatively, perhaps we would have been miserably trapped within our boxes, pining for a change, not realizing we hold the key to create that change. 

So, in this letter, I celebrate OUR creative efforts.  Thinking out of the box to make our homes our movement studios, our electronic devices our teleporters, our bodies the vehicles to escape the chatter of these weird times.  I know that our appearances have changed slightly, and in different ways (the aftereffect of not having to go out as much).  I know that our spirits too have been slightly altered, in that our sense of security has been slightly, if not greatly, compromised.  Yes, our bodies and minds have not been left untouched by this.  But, our creativity, has it not grown?  Thank God for our creativity!  Our divine human device that has coaxed us, swirled us, squeezed us, lifted us, step by stepped us into a place where we can, will, and do survive.  We are creatures who create solutions, and I think we’ve done a bang-up job!

So, here’s to the CREATIVE you and the CREATIVE us!

Let's keep climbing out of the boxes. 


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