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Momentous Movement, and her sidekick Balance

Life is like a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving. Albert Einstein.

When sitting down to capture in words the sensations I have for this new year, two things came to mind: balance and movement. I was debating about which topic to choose, and it seemed I could not untether one from the other. And so, it seems, they choose to come to me as one in this new year’s thoughts.

Isn’t it interesting how expansive these two words can be: balance and movement? They can relate to all things ballet and Pilates, which, as we know, can become a deep well of physical, mental, and even spiritual exploration. And then they can just as well conjure up meditation on one’s own life.

If one is not in motion, is balance necessary? If one is not balanced, can motion be possible? You see, they are mates; they uphold, lean on, and enhance one another.

My dear friend shared a video with me about movement the other day, and it was so well-timed. It explored and explained exactly what I was thinking. As you may know, I have been sick for nearly two weeks now, patiently waiting to find my stride again. When one loses her balance and motion is not there to bring it back, the one thing she pines for is to move. But in time, I released myself to the circumstances, accepted that I was to be still, and absorbed the whole thing as an exercise in reflection and gratitude (thanks to another good friend’s wise advice). It is so ridiculously human that we become most grateful for our blessings when they are no longer accessible! By being still I found a greater appreciation for movement (and good health!). I also discovered a new sense of balance within myself. I realized that I don’t have to be in full throttle movement to be in balance, or even content; quite the contrary. I emerge with a new sense of these things, and I am anticipating an “easy does it” kind of 2021, with movement and balance hand in hand.

So, on that note, and at the threshold of this new and glorious year, in this big and beautiful life, on this grand planet, I share with you that video. Enjoy.

Happy New Year! Here’s to movement… and balance!


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