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As the season of Fall begins to make her entrance onto the grand stage, I can feel my excitement for her performance building. This is the season when I am my most creative. How about you?

It’s as though my inner furnace has been ferociously ignited, preparing all of me for some kind of dreamy hibernation, one that I will never take! Ha! Think about it: Nature explodes into oranges and reds and saturates the blue sky to a deeper cobalt hue. All of this occurs as Mother Nature lowers the thermostat and turns down the sunlight, ever so subtly in an attempt to move us gleefully into a winter slumber. But just like when I was as a kid, my energy is at it’s brightest before that “lights out, it’s bedtime” call. I am jumping on the proverbial bed and filled with excitement. Ideas are oozing out of me with the grace of a fire house! I can’t wait to get things done, and most of these “things” require all of my creative energy, and I seem to have it in spades!

There are many who are energetically inspired by this season of harvest, plucking the juiciest of creative gems from the thickest branches of their souls all before the contemplative sleep of Winter comes. Look to the artists, the poets, the dancers, the astronomers...literally, to the stars! We are in great company in this season, in high spirits, in celebration of abundance while simultaneously preparing for rest. Kick a pile of leaves and suck a grape! Ha! It's FALL!

Enjoy the fruits of Vivaldi's interpretation of the season while you ponder your own creative juices and the magic that they will bring forth.


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